Past Members

Words of Wisdom

I was honored to be a Member of the Casper Children’s Chorale for several years, and it has had a profound impact on my life. In addition to the great friends and great experiences, it has taught me the values of hard work, dedication, and the joy of taking pride in something worthwhile.

Even as a child, I soon realized the importance of being on time, every time, to every rehearsal. And as each season progressed, it became very clear what we were working for. Mrs. Patton and Mrs. Johnson taught us the value of discipline by not letting us settle for less than perfect…..ever. I remember many times going over something many times until we got it right. This taught me that practice makes perfect, and that you have to work hard for something worth having. And what a sense of accomplishment! The end result was perfection, and being able to share that with everyone we had the joy of performing for was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

The experience that IS the Casper Children’s Chorale is something that I will always cherish. The lessons / values that I learned during my time as a CCC member I carry within me to this day, and I benefit from them in both my personal life and professional life.

Craig M. Scaling, CCC Alumni


We just wanted to send a BIG “Thank You” to you, all of your wonderful section leaders and pianists (and drummer!), and all of the choir members for a wonderfully, enjoyable performance last night at Highland Park! This is our first year with a child in CCC, and we are thrilled with this opportunity that she has to be a part of such a top notch organization. Your energy, enthusiasm and grace is great fun to watch…no wonder the children pay such close attention to your every move.

The song choices were LOVELY. The audience laughed and cried and were completely captivated. I have never heard Alla Breve before…wow! The touch of the violin in “Petit Enfant”…perfect.

Thank you for your dedication and passion to bring this gift to Casper and to our children. I heard that comment from many last night. We hope you and your family have a few moments now for some rest and relaxation!

Randy, Cathy and Hope Becker


Children’s Chorale gives kids a chance to see what it means to pursue excellence.  It teaches you that you can have a nice voice but it doesn’t mean much unless you work in concert with the voices around you.  I think that serves as a powerful metaphor for life.

From Tim Stubson, Crowley Fleck PLLP


The Casper Children’s Chorale both raised music to a higher level of consciousness and brought it down to a level of accessibility.  With the training and study we undertook in our weekly rehearsals, music was no longer something that could not be understood or replicated.  I could appreciate the thought and effort that went into such things as harmonies, sustaining notes and diction when listening to music, and that made the music that much more moving.

From the time I became a member of the Children’s Chorale into my 30’s, I sang in a variety of other vocal groups in schools and churches.  The voice and breathing exercises I learned in the Children’s Chorale always stuck with me, and no other group ever came close to the level of dedication and discipline.  No matter where I was singing, the CCC ethic always taught me to try harder.

It took many years to realize that one of the most important things about the Children’s Chorale is that it all happened in Casper, Wyoming.  Few small cities in sparsely-populated states can boast that, but CCC had a place at the table among the other cultural centers.  The Children’s Chorale took me to Chicago and would take my successors to New York.  We really were that good.

The thought that 80 youngsters between the ages of 10 and 13 could be made to do anything, let alone sit still and sing together–often in Latin–under the direction of one person is still amazing to me.  That such an organization could continue for more than 30 years in its same basic form is equally astounding and it makes me very proud to have been part of it.

John Broumley, CCC Member 1982-1986


Being a member of the Casper Children’s Chorale was one of the most important experiences in my life.  I learned to appreciate different kinds of music and met kids who had the same interests in music and art that I had.  Most importantly, I learned what it was like to be a part of something greater than my own self interests.  I learned to be part of a group, and that our contributions collectively created something beautiful and enduring.  I am still in touch with many alumni and we share a connection that is special.  What I didn’t realize, though, at the time I was in the Casper Children’s Chorale was that I would be able to share everything I learned and loved with my children.  That is the greatest blessing and for that I will always be grateful.

Bill Cubin, CPA


I was in Children’s Chorale for 5 years, and I learned so much about singing from Mrs. Patton. That knowledge and love of singing carried me into loving musical theater as well. I’m a student at Kelly Walsh now, and I have been in the KWHS spring musical for the past 4 years, with yet another coming up in February. I am also in A Cappella and Esprit de Corps choirs at KW, and I play piano for Encore Vocal Jazz. In short, I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t started singing in Bel Canto in second grade, and then Chorale in 4th-8th grade. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.

Blair Mothersbaugh


Hey Mrs. Patton, this is Kevin. Since I’m not your on your friends list I had to use my Mom’s profile.  I was in Chorale from 2005-2010 and loved all five years. All the of the trips were a blast, especially in Orlando when we won 3 awards! My 8th grade year was one of the best, but I will never forget any of my years in Chorale. Now I attend Kelly Walsh High School and have sung in A Capella, Esprit de Corps, Encore, and Concert Men. This year I auditioned and was accepted into the Wyoming All-State Choir, a wonderful honor. I have also been involved with the Kelly Walsh musicals for 7 years. This coming year I will be moving to Laramie where I will be singing for the high school there. I would like to thank you Mrs. Patton for all that you have done to make me who I am as a singer and person.  You changed my life. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.

Kevin Baldwin